Project objective and positioning

To promote the international cooperation and educational exchanges, the project funded by the Ministry of Education aims to assist foreign students studying in Taiwan to gain workplace experience and practical training in business relevant to their professions. Through mutual understanding between foreign students and business in Taiwan, more potential foreign talents and professionals will be recruited and prepared; international personnel connections will also be expended.

The project focuses on constructing a platform of matching and application of multi-manpower to assist business to choose foreign professionals needed in every field. It intends to provide overseas Chinese students and foreign students in Taiwan with the opportunities of short-term and long-term practical training in Taiwan. The practical training shortens the run-in periods for both business and foreign employees in workplace. Potential talents are more likely to be retained. More employment opportunities are also readily available for the foreign students studying in Taiwan after graduation.

This project builds the bridge among business, schools, overseas Chinese students and foreign students studying in Taiwan. Through the mechanisms of practical training, information and sources are shared and spread. With more foreign interns, the business in Taiwan are better prepared to expand markets in other countries. This project provides business with a platform to search for potential foreign interns and employees, which allows them to have opportunities to expand market in other countries. This project allows foreign students in Taiwan to gain practical training opportunities, to understand the operation of business and search for future employment opportunities in Taiwan.

This project provides the schools with a channel where they have access to business offering practical training and internship. Besides, schools can effectively use this platform to apply their academic research to industries, all of which could be featured as a luster in student recruitment. In terms of national economy development, this project provides a platform for global talents and foreign students’ understanding of Taiwanese business. They are the potential talents for Taiwanese business to expand markets in the other countries and create growth in export.